Home Staging For Realtors

Sell it faster. Sell it at the right price. More and more real estate agents are choosing home staging to get their clients’ properties off the market and sold at a higher price point. Here are a few reasons why a knowledgeable realtor will recommend this service to their clients:

  • It is a highly effective tool that uniquely positions a home in the marketplace
  • It generates a greater perceived value
  • It results in more buyer interest and increased traffic

Why add home staging to your next property?

Most agents consider it a critical necessity. Home staging is a tried-and-true method for selling homes. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by Zillow, home staging was listed as a top two priority. This service is in high demand, especially with the increasing competition in the marketplace.

You’ll put more money in your pocket. The clients are getting top dollar and you’re getting top commission. Home staging increases your earning potential. Plus, working with home staging professionals adds to your real estate repertoire with little to no startup costs or upfront investment. However, any investment in staging will always be less than your client’s next price reduction.

It’s a guaranteed way to list more houses. Since professionally staged homes spend less time on the market, you’ll have a higher turnover rate. This means you can list more houses at a time and not worry about carrying costs. Also, if a home has been sitting on the market with no movement, home staging is a great way to bring it back to life and get it sold.

You’ll outsell the competition. Think of it as a secret weapon others don’t have. Home staging is a value-added service that gives you an edge. Buyers have high expectations, especially when the housing market is strong. Meet the demand with an outstanding first impression, and you’ll be sure to sell quicker than any un-staged competitor.

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